High Chronic Stress

I discovered the foods that caused my IBS symptoms: Nightshades!

Sun Oct 17, 2021

Chronic High Stress and Health

The long term, high stress, of raising my beautiful special needs daughter has led to many health problems of my own.

Through these years I’ve focused so much of my attention on my daughter, because she required it and needed it. The state where we lived for the first half of her life, had very limited services available. Especially the kind of services that she and our family so desperately needed. Her special education was sub-par and not very helpful. So many details of those years will most likely make it into other blog posts, as she is a prominent part of my story and life.

When I was in my late teens, I developed IBS-C. I had it under control, mostly, without medication. That is, until my daughters first four seizures, within two hours, when she was four years old. I couldn’t cry or process what was going on, while going through that experience. My IBS flared and continued causing me discomfort for many years. Stress can make IBS worse, which was exactly what happened to me. So many examples of raising my beautiful daughter contribute to my high chronic stress.

In 2011 we moved across the country, to a state that has helped my daughter immensely. She has lived happily in her grouphome for the last 9 years and has gained a developmental age during that time. She is developmentally a 3-4 year old now. Placing her into a grouphome has helped everyone in our family. I have finally been able to be just her mommy. Where before, I was in caregiver mode most of the time, with mommy coming out periodically. This may sound weird to most people, but until you’ve been through something similar it’s sometimes hard to understand. When I placed her in her grouphome I could finally breathe freely. I knew that her needs were being met and I no longer needed to be alert 24/7.

Our daughter is still a part of our family, we see her weekly and really enjoy our time with her. Because we are finally rested.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Autoimmune Hepatitis. I immediately started the AIP diet, which got my autoimmune disease under control and I discovered the foods that caused my IBS symptoms: Nightshades!

Emily Boudwin
A mom who really loves her daughter!