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Yuca Root Crust/ Pot Pie

Naturally gluten free and paleo recipe!

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Brown Stock Recipe

Delicious brown stock to add to your favorite stews and soups.

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Add to your stew, soup, stock, roast lamb, etc

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Going Gluten Free

You don’t typically choose to go gluten free, unless you need to.

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High Chronic Stress

I discovered the foods that caused my IBS symptoms: Nightshades!

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Stress of Avoiding My Dragons

I found that I could finally focus on my health, because I no longer had other things that I was avoiding popping up and distracting me. I no longer felt split and as a consequence unable to decide what to do.

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Respiratory Disease

Not rare, but not known well enough to easily identify this respiratory disease! AERD: Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease

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About me.

Emily Boudwin

For 18 years I have been cooking and baking gluten free foods.  The first 8 years I made gluten free foods for my daughter.  Her story will show up as I write my blogs here on this website.  She had to avoid, over those 8 years, between 8-24 foods, due to allergies. 

I removed gluten from my diet and have followed an AIP lifestyle since 2014, when I discovered I have Autoimmune Hepatitis.  But my life is a lot more complex than these beginnings.  It took me taking accountability for my own health, to finally discover the root of my respiratory issues. 

I will share my successes, my struggles, my research and what helps.